How to Purchase

Books now available for purchase:

Mentor's Guide
$19.00 per copy
plus postage.

Heart-to-Heart Mentor's Guide

This is the complete mentoring book, filled with outlines, conversation starters, activities and ideas for each major topic being addressed by the mentors. The topics covered by the program are: Getting to know you, Respect, Body Language, Team building, Peer pressure, Media messages, Relationships with boys, Responsible decisions regarding tobacco and Bullying.

Mentor's Workbook
$15.00 per copy
plus postage.

Heart-to-Heart Workbook

The Mentor's Workbook is essential for the two-day training course, covering the entire H-to-H program with an in depth look at the activities and discussions pertinent to the program. Mentors will find they are confident on mentoring practices upon completion of the workbook and it becomes a valuable resource when planning each week of the H-To-H program.

Training Manual
$15.00 per copy
plus postage.

Heart-to-Heart Training Manual

The Training Manual is required to teach the two-day training course.
Postage is $12 per set with discounts available for bulk orders.
Please contact us if you require multiples.

To purchase, please send cheques to:
Heart-to-Heart Mentoring INC
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Calgary, AB
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