Welcome to Heart-to-Heart Mentoring

Mission Statement:

Heart-to-Heart is dedicated to helping young girls develop a deeper understanding of who they are while building strong, positive relationships. Using a character-based framework to look critically at topics such as media messages, cliques, bullying, peer pressure and healthy lifestyle, Heart-to-Heart empowers young girls to love themselves for who they are.

What is Heart-to-Heart?

“Heart-to-Heart” is a mentoring program in which participants learn life lessons through group discussions. The activities and group work are lead by trained female mentors aged fifteen years or older. The mentors act as role models to younger girls aged ten to thirteen, known as mentees. By using carefully selected activities and engaging group discussions, there is an opportunity for the mentors to foster inclusion. The mentors have a positive influence on the mentees and meet for approximately 1 hour per session for a total of 10 sessions. Heart-to-Heart can also be used as an after school program, lunch program or as a resource for other youth programs.

This program has many goals. It focuses on fostering inclusion, and building a sense of belonging with each individual member. During the delivery of the program, not only is there a sense of inclusion, but often the group becomes a “tight-knit” group able to find security and comfort in each other, thus increasing the self-confidence of everyone. The mentors will teach the mentees how to resist negative peer pressure, help them to think critically with regards to negative media messages and address personal health issues such as saying no tobacco and other drugs.

Goals of the Heart-to-Heart Mentoring Program

  • Foster inclusion
  • Build a sense of belonging
  • Form a “tight-knit” group
  • Build self-confidence
  • Develop critical thinking skills

Who should get involved?

This youth directed mentoring program is suited for females who want to make a difference in their community and commit themselves to making positive choices, and are at least fifteen years of age. The mentors need to be committed to listening, supporting and caring for each mentee involved in the program. By being a mentor, the lessons learned will work both ways; the mentors in this program will find a deeper sense of who they are, and see firsthand the positive impact that their time and support have on the mentees. Also, the lesson plans teach positive messages to all participants, mentors and mentees alike, and keep both groups keen on being the best they can be.

In order to become a mentor, the individuals go through a 15-hour training course, outlining the program, the lesson plans, and teaching communication, listening and other mentoring skills. The time commitment for program delivery is approximately 2 hours per session for 10 sessions: 1 hour for the lesson delivery and 1 hour for preparation and closing group discussions. As a participating mentor, the future opportunities are endless. Volunteer commitments to strengthen communities and support youth can result in scholarship nominations, potential career offers and local acknowledgment.

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